Sprat fillets “Onion”, spicy, crispy pickled onion is added, here is a very successful combination of pickled onion, rapeseed oil and sprat fillet. The product is made according to the best recipes of our ancestors with new technology, preserving the taste and healthy content of its fish.

  • Packaging – 150g

  • Sprat fillets (Sprattus sprattus) lightly salted 73%, 110g

  • Drinking water, salt, sugar, pickled onions, garlic, black pepper, mustard seeds, sugar, vinegar, bay leaves, salt, preservatives E211, E200, 10%, 15g

  • Rapeseed oil 17%, 25g

  • Caught in the Baltic Sea, Fishing gear – trawl

  • Store between -2 ° C and + 6 ° C

  • Use within 24 hours of opening the package

  • Realization term: 2 months