Mersrags fish shop “Undine 7” , located on the shores of the Baltic Sea, produces fish products for gourmets – true lovers of delicious and healthy food. Our main activity is the production of delicious preserves from sprat, herring, salmon, mackerel, sturgeon, catfish, hake, shrimp and also smoking. Made according to the best recipes and new technologies, preserving all the taste and health properties of fish. All our products are handmade from high quality raw materials.

The sprat is matured for 5 days in a spice brine, which consists of 8 spices, the combination of which gives the sprat a unique taste and aroma. Our sprat will be a great addition to your table, it will be delicious on a sandwich with eggs and green onions and will be like a great snack. Additives (adjika, pickled vegetables) for all products are prepared in our workshop from our garden.

The assortment also includes preserves from marinated herring fillets, fried herring fillets, grilled mackerel (without bones), fried catfish and fried sturgeon, we also offer chopped herring “Foršmak” in the Ukrainian style without sugar and without oil.

There are products from lightly salted salmon fillets, there is also a diet line from hake “Minta balls in jelly”, “Minta balls in tomato sauce”. Our product is healthy in terms of taste quality, completely eliminates harmful additives, fish is stored in rapeseed oil in tightly closed containers, the shelf life of the product is 2 months. Our warehouse always has the finished product, we work with large and small order quantities, as well as produce the required quantity within the time limits for the order. We have a flexible discount system for our customers. We keep the optimal combination of price and quality.

Bon appetite!