If you are a fan of spicy food, then you should definitely taste the sprat fillet “Asumiņš”, there are added spices (sweet red, green pepper, chilli, etc.), and this allows us to achieve a unique taste of fish. The product is made according to the best recipes of our ancestors with new technology, preserving the taste and healthy content of its fish.

  • Packaging – 150 g

  • Sprat fillets (Sprattus sprattus) lightly salted 70%, 110g

  • Drinking water, salt, spices, sugar, preservatives E211, E200

  • Rapeseed oil 29.6%, 39.2g

  • Spice mixture “Chili” 0.4%, 0.8g

  • Caught in the Baltic Sea, Fishing gear – trawl

  • Store between -2 ° C and + 6 ° C

  • Use within 24 hours of opening the package

  • Realization term: 2 months