Grilled mackerel fillet in jelly (without bones). The product is made according to new recipes, preserving the taste and properties of mackerel. The taste of the jelly is sweet and sour with various spices, the gel successfully emphasizes the unique taste of mackerel and gives the necessary sour note. Grilled mackerel fillet in jelly is both a main course and a good snack.

  • Packaging – 200g

  • Atlantic mackerel (Scomber) fillets grilled 50%, 100g

  • Jelly (drinking water, gelatin, onions, vinegar, sugar, salt, spice mixture) 50%, 100g

  • Caught in the North-East Atlantic, trawl

  • Store between -2 ° C and + 6 ° C

  • Use within 24 hours of opening the package

  • Realization term: 2 months